"Every person in this community who has in any way contributed during the past several years to the popularity of hatred is at least as guilty, or more so, than the demented fool who threw that bomb. Four little girls were killed in Birmingham yesterday. A mad, remorseful worried community asks, 'Who did it? Who threw that bomb?' The answer should be, 'We all did it.'"

— Charles Morgan, Jr.

Latest News

4-13-2021 | SPLC Awards $5,000 Grant to The Morgan Project

The SPLC’s generous and significant grant to The Morgan Project recognizes the common cause of both organizations - identifying, addressing and combating injustice in our society.  It is significant for such a new group to receive funding from a storied Civil Rights organization with a 50 year history.

11-9-2020 | The Morgan Project Website Launch

The first phase for The Morgan Project website has launched!

09-13-2020 | 'We all did it': Charles Morgan's powerful speech to YMBC after 1963 church bombing (WVTM - Channel 13 News Video Feature)

The Young Men's Business Club, a long-standing Birmingham civic group, has launched The Morgan Project in an effort to fund "active, meaningful steps to eradicate racism."

Video: A Time to Speak Speech by Charles Morgan, Birmingham, Alabama, September 16, 1963