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The Morgan Project Launches "Conflict and Courage" Curriculum in Schools

For Immediate Release
Birmingham, AL
Contact:  Rachel Gandy  

The Morgan Project proudly announces the successful launch of our "Conflict and Courage" curriculum in schools.  This achievement marks a significant milestone with our inaugural pilot program at Phillips Academy, a middle school in the City of Birmingham, and Parker High School, which holds historical significance as the starting point of the 1963 Children’s Crusade.

This initiative, aimed at educating students on the struggles for civil rights and freedom, kicked off with speakers Charles Morgan III and Lisa McNair engaging with 11th graders; captivating, and inspiring them with their insights and personal stories.The event achieved profound success with students, notably Alyson, expressing poignant insights.  Alyson reflected, “It helped me better understand what activists & protesters went through... and it was fun to research about it," underscoring the curriculum's efficacy on student awareness and interest in historical movements and the pursuit for justice.The Morgan Project is focused on introducing into the social studies and civics curriculum a true accounting of the conflict and courage that defined the modern-day civil rights movement.  
The primary aim of the “Conflict and Courage” curriculum is to introduce and empower educators to confidently deliver this essential content.  We recognize that the success of this curriculum relies on our teachers’ dedication and expertise, and we are committed to equipping them with the necessary resources and support to bring history to life in their classrooms.

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