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Americans Have Learned to Talk About Racial Inequality. But They’ve Done Little to Solve It (TIME 5-13-21)

"In 1937, the Carnegie Corporation hired a Swedish man to unravel an American quandary . . . Almost seven years later, he produced a two-volume study he dubbed An American Dilemma, exploring, in statistical detail, the evidence of the great American lie—the gap between the nation’s ideals and its racial reality."

Kids in Birmingham 1963 wants to change the way Civil Rights History is taught in SCHOOLS (Zoom Meeting Thursday, March 18, 7pm Central Time)

"Our special presenter, Birmingham educator Barry McNealy, joins the Kids education group to get strategic. Please join Connect on March 18th for a lively discussion and to provide your input on this important relevant topic." From

A Black Neighborhood in Alabama Has Yet to Get a Single Vaccine (Bloomberg 2-25-2021)

"More than two months into America’s vaccine rollout, a community clinic that serves the poorest of the poor on Birmingham’s majority-Black north side has yet to receive its first dose. The Alabama Regional Medical Services clinic has watched the vaccine flow elsewhere, including a pharmacy in nearby Mountain Brook, the state’s wealthiest town..."

New rules make N.C. schools discuss racism. Some officials opposed the ‘anti-American’ change. (Washington Post 2-5-2021)

"North Carolina’s state school board on Thursday approved new standards requiring social studies teachers to discuss racism, while some board members slammed the move as “anti-American” in one of many fights playing out across the country about how schools teach history.."

How can racial equity in coronavirus vaccinations be achieved? (Yahoo News 2-3-2021)

"People of color have experienced a disproportionate amount of suffering during the coronavirus pandemic in the United States. Black, Hispanic and Indigenous Americans make up an outsized share of COVID-19 cases and face substantially greater risk of hospitalization and death than white people when they do become infected."

Hopeful Even Though My Sister Was Killed by White Men (ComebackTown 2-2-2021)

By Guest Columnist Lisa McNair. "My earliest memory is that white men who didn’t like her just because of the color of her skin, killed my sister".

Racial Disparities Apparent In U.S. COVID-19 Vaccination Drive (Huffpost 1-30-2021)

"AP: Black Americans are getting inoculated for coronavirus at levels far below their share of the general population."

Black Lives Matter nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for carrying forward 'a movement of racial justice' (USA Today 1-30-2021)

"Norwegian member of parliament Petter Eide said he nominated the organization because it is 'bringing forward a new consciousness and awareness about racial justice.'"

The Race Gap: How U.S. systemic racism plays out in Black lives (Reuters 7-14-2020)

"Inequality between white and Black Americans persists in almost every aspect of society and the economy. Such disadvantages have proven immune to decades of laws and policies meant to address them, leaving Black people with less education, less wealth, poorer health and shorter lifespans. Together, the disparities reflect what many have labeled systemic racism amid the mass protests that followed the killing of George Floyd, a Black man, by a white Minneapolis police officer in May."

How to be anti-racist: Speak out in your own circles (CNN 6-4-2020)

"In light of the ongoing protests after the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, some people say they want to become anti-racist."

Coronavirus: Turning Point for Birmingham (ComebackTown 4-21-2020)

By Guest Columnist Maury Shevin. "Never has the expression 'we’re all in this together' rung with more truth than during this COVID-19 pandemic."

Useful Resources

How Racism Makes Us Sick - David R. Williams, TED Talks: TEDMED 2016

Why does race matter so profoundly for health? David R. Williams developed a scale to measure the impact of discrimination on well-being, going beyond traditional measures like income and education to reveal how factors like implicit bias, residential segregation and negative stereotypes create and sustain inequality.

Discrimination Resource (David R. Williams, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health) (PDF)

David R. Williams, Florence and Laura Norman Professor of Public Health; Professor of African and African American Studies and Sociology
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Talking About Race / Developing the Vocabulary (Ohio State University) (PDF)

From Ohio State Kerwan Institute for the Study of Race and. Ethnicity: Talking About Race - Toward a Transformative Agenda Resource Notebook

Taking Action on Racial Equity and Justice - Learning Challenge Series—Discussion Guide and Workbook (Apple) (PDF)

Create Opportunities for Meaningful Conversations About Race

Everyone Can Create - A collection of project guides that bring creative expression to every subject. (Apple)

The projects in the Everyone Can Create guides teach students to develop and communicate ideas through video, photography, music, and drawing. And they help ignite creativity by giving teachers fun and meaningful ways to bring these skills into any lesson, at any grade level.