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Billy Field

Professor, University of Alabama

Billy Field is one of the last people on earth to see a meteor shoot across the sky on November 30, 1954, crash through Ann Elizabeth Hodges’ roof, bounce off her floor radio and smack her right on her rear-end, making her famous. Billy sold that story to 20th Century Fox. He has written for 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers and the TV series FAME for MGM. He taught screenwriting and documentary film production at The University of Alabama. His student’s films (156 of them) tell stories of Alabama history and Alabama biography and are on the web at

Billy is presently working on a series of documentary films and podcasts that tell the story of Chuck Morgan and his battles to defend the thing he loved, the U.S. Constitution – stories of moral courage, facing down the Klan and speaking up when others would not, in a culture shrouded in a conspiracy of silence. These films and podcasts will, along with lesson plans, be available to Alabama schools at where students will be trained to make their own film or podcast about someone from their community who stood up to injustice. Their stories will also be available to other students all over the world.