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SPLC Awards $5,000 Grant to The Morgan Project

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) was founded in 1971 to help make Civil Rights a reality for all.  Not only does the organization use legal remedies to help shut down hate groups; it also has an education arm (formerly Teaching Tolerance, now Learning for Justice) providing educators with free resources to help young people learn respect and inclusivity for all.

The Morgan Project (TMP) also is attempting to address systemic racism - most especially in Birmingham and throughout Alabama - by providing curriculum for students in public and private schools on history, bigotry and social justice as well as a speakers’ series of qualified, engaging spokespeople addressing solutions to the past discrimination in our state available to clubs, churches and other groups.

The SPLC’s generous and significant grant to The Morgan Project recognizes the common cause of both organizations - identifying, addressing and combating injustice in our society.  It is significant for such a new group to receive funding from a storied Civil Rights organization with a 50 year history.

The Morgan Project is based on a seminal 1964 book A Time To Speak by Charles (Chuck) Morgan, Jr., a young, white attorney in Birmingham, AL, in which he speaks truth to power at great personal sacrifice. His willingness to stand up and speak against silence and indifference to racism has inspired generations.  One of TMP’s goals is to provide a copy of the book to every 11th grader in Alabama.

Charles Morgan III, son of Charles Morgan Jr., is available to speak about his father.  Charles is the owner of Chuck’s Fish restaurants named in honor of his father with locations in Tuscaloosa, Birmingham and Mobile.  He also owns Harbor Docks in Destin.

Many ask in these troubled times, “What can I really do to make a difference?”

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