Our Mission

The Morgan Project’s mission is to implement programs to address the unique and long-standing history of racism in America, Birmingham, and across Alabama by engaging in a continuous dialogue with each other, community leaders, businesses and schools to reveal the complete and truthful history of our nation and our state through a speakers’ bureau and other educational opportunities.

Our Beliefs

Racism was created to justify and maintain the institution of slavery in America and to subjugate Black people through systems of segregation, convict labor, Jim Crow, and mass incarceration. For Black Americans, racism continues to exist in many areas of daily life, including, but not limited to, the creation of wealth; free and strong education; employment which can support a family; safe and affordable housing; access to healthcare; economic opportunities; and equal and fair protection under laws of the criminal justice system. Actions are the best way to stand up against racism in America and to begin the hard but necessary process of ridding our country of the systemic inequities which continue to pervade and crush the lives of Black Americans.